Sunday, 25 September -- Salay

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Swan outlined for us the story of the various kings who ruled from Bagan so we'd understand what we'll be seeing there in a few days. In Salay, we had a lovely walking tour through the pretty town and around the monastery area. 
There's a small museum (Yokesonkyaung) featuring wood carvings and other artefacts from the area and the Man Pagoda, housing a huge Buddha figure made of bamboo strips covered with laquer and gold leaf. I particularly liked the serene expression on this Buddha's face. Salay seems to be a favourite for many of the guides, and we spoke to a lady who has left her guiding career to open a restaurant and souvenir shop here, called Salay House. 

From our balcony we watched families washing, doing laundry, brushing their teeth and playing in the river. They waved happily to us when they noticed us watching them. In the evening we saw a movie,  "The Last King of Burma".

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