KOREA, CAMBODIA AND MYANMAR September 13-October 4, 2016 Escorted by Cathy Wilkes of Humber Valley United Church

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Tuesday 13 September - Pearson AP @ Korean Air Gate

After a few months of preparation, including getting visas and many vaccinations, we're all packed and ready to go.  A relatively relaxed experience. We parked at our usual Sky Park location and were shuttled to Terminal 3, where it was a bit of a hike to the Korean Air desk (The agent there was most helpful, concerned about my allergies and happy to change our seats on the flight to Siem Reap so we could sit together.  I'm liking this airline). No line-up at security and for once neither of us had to wait while our bags got further scrutiny.  At the departure gate there are comfy chairs and marble tables with built-in ipads - what more could we ask?
 On board the plane the comfort continues. An empty seat between us and lots of leg room, comfortable seats, USB outlets, newspapers. Soon we were offered drinks (including wine) and a bit later a pretty good meal with real cutlery and more wine. The plane was darkened for about 5 hours and I took advantage of the empty row behind us to stretch out. Luxury indeed! At one point we were quietly offered a small sandwich and glass of water.

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