Tuesday, 20 September -- Siem Reap/Bangkok/Yangon

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Our last morning and first daytime rain in Cambodia. Good timing! After breakfast at the hotel, and farewells to the staff there, Dy saw us off at the Siem Reap airport. We were herded onto a bus that took us to the plane where staff with umbrellas (it was pouring rain) sheltered us on the way up the stairs. It was a small plane, but comfortable and they served a nice breakfast during the one-hour flight to Bangkok. Once there, we had to wait on the plane for about 15 minutes while they got some sort of shelter for us, since it was really pouring. It's a huge airport, but we still had to climb down stairs and get on a bus to go inside. After a bit of walking, we settled into the Bangkok Airways lounge to enjoy some (more) food and drink. A bus took us back out to the next plane from the departure gate, and once again we had to be sheltered from pouring rain. It was a larger plane and quite full. Another short flight, but in less than an hour they served a full dinner including wine. Not Air Canada for sure! 
At Yangon the formalities were quick and easy. We met our guide, Larry found the booth to get SIM cards (so that we can have hot spots on the boat) and I exchanged some money. It's been unclear whether we really need local currency, but apparently we do need some. Three of our people still had not come out of customs & immigration -- turned out their luggage had been damaged someplace along the way and they were working on compensation. Cathy's will have to be repaired since it's unuseable as it is. Our guide will see if that can be done tomorrow. Otherwise she'll have to buy a new one. What a pain. It's a long ride from airport to hotel, but we learned quite a bit about the recent history of Myanmar and got to see the city a bit. The hotel is lovely and comfortable. Since the rain continued, we gathered in the lobby bar for drinks and a light dinner. What was that -- our 5th or 6th meal of the day??  Weight loss seems unlikely.
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