Saturday, 1 October -- Mandalay

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The world's largest book is, in fact, 729 marble slabs, containing Buddhist literature, 
each in its own shrine. They surround a pagoda and several small pavilions. 

One pavilion has a most unusual Buddha figure, depicting him in a state of near-starvation after 6 years of fasting. The Shevenandaw Monastery is filled with very impressive wood carvings. We watched workers, in a specialized workshop, hammering gold ingots into gold leaf, then in another location watched the faithful place gold leaf onto the Mahamuni Buddha. In 2 places women were forbidden in the area of the Buddha statue, something we didn't see anywhere else. 

As we often have been, we were asked several times to pose for photos with local people. 

      We had a lovely visit with children in the Monastery English Spoken School. They were quite a range of ages and English knowledge and they enjoyed using their English with us. They loved the balloons E-M gave them.   Click here for All Photos of the Day 

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