Monday, 3 October -- Yangon

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One last day here before flying out at 11 pm. We spent much of it tied up in gridlock on the bus. There's pretty much day-long rush hour, and it's all complicated by many one-way streets. It can take an hour to go a few blocks. 
 We did manage to get a good look at the Chinese and Indian market areas, and walk through part of the Chinese market. Food comes into a wholesale warehouse during the night and these street vendors are there at 2 am to get their day's supply, then transport it on the circular railroad to their locations. Apparently it's quite a sight when they're heaving all the veggies in through the windows of the train. We saw many fruits and vegetables we didn't recognize, and for which Nyi Nyi only knows the Burmese names. 

  Myrna had discovered that there's a very old synagogue here and since today is Rosh Hashanah , it was most appropriate to visit there. We were offered apples and honey and spent some time reading about the history of this little jewel in the midst of the bustling city. As we started to leave, the skies opened and rain poured down for about a half hour. We had only a couple umbrellas, so decided to wait it out until the bus could come closer (fun in gridlock) and the "footman" could bring more umbrellas. We were able to make a quick stop at Pomelo, one of the stores we been to yesterday, so people could pick up their purchases (the credit card machine had been out of order), 

and then we visited the Armenian Church. It's another lovely peaceful place amid the bustle, and Elsie was moved nearly to tears to be there. Larry and I nearly missed our 1pm check-out time for our room because it took so long to navigate back to the hotel. Then we joined Lynn and Sally-Jo for relaxation time in their room, until dinner time.

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