Sunday, 2 October -- Mandalay/Yangon

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Travel days are never a whole heap of fun, but at least the AMAPura crew sent us off in style. They fed us a last, generous, delicious breakfast & then all lined the road to wave goodbye as our bus pulled out. Mandalay airport looks like a pagoda, and has a baffling (to us) system of loading flights. We really had to pay attention to get ourselves on the right plane. The 1 1/2 hour flight was smooth, but then Yangon domestic arrivals was another confusing experience. We figured out that  we had to give our baggage check tags to the porters who were standing about. After a very long wait, they got our bags and carried them out to the bus. 

Back at the Park Royal Hotel we were happy to relax for awhile before going out for a late afternoon/evening bit of sight-seeing and shopping and a great dinner. The oldest parts of the city really only date back to colonial times and those buildings are generally in disrepair, in contrast to the thousand-plus year old stupa at the centre of the city, which is brilliant. Queen Victoria halted its destruction when everything around it was razed to make way for the British-style building frenzy. We found 2 shops we'd read about and did a last round of purchases. 

Then the most amazing dinner at Le Planteur. How delicious and what fun!

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