Wednesday, 14 September – Incheon Airport & Seoul

Sometime while I slept, we crossed the date line and it got to be Wednesday. When the lights came back up, we were given warm cloths to freshen up, then pineapple juice. Looking around, I realized that the English on board is almost entirely for our benefit, since we seem to be the only non-Koreans. Another meal was served before another hour or so of darkness. Our arrival at Incheon was hassle-free and we found our greeter easily. Now we’re waiting for the rest of the Intrepids to arrive on Air Canada. 
 Their flight was delayed, but eventually the other 8 Intrepids came through the Arrivals door. We quickly got organized and onto a spacious bus for the trip into Seoul. Our guide is somewhat difficult to understand and we were all so tired that we didn’t learn much along the way, though she gave us a quick history and geography lesson. At the Yoido Hotel we discovered that there are no restaurants in the immediate vicinity. Most of us opted to shop at the convenience store and go to bed, while Elsie, Brock and Ellen-Mary got a cab to a mall that has a restaurant. Bed felt good.

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